Coaching with Kalu

Freedom, clarity, healing for you and your life path

Thoughts that block us and determine our lives are something everyone knows.
How many times have you wished to be free from these thought patterns, fears and worries?
And to live yourself and finding simplicity and clarity for you and your steps.
Often you even feel “outside the box” and are so caught up in it that it seems hopeless.
A lot of help is offered in courses, you are probably familiar with affirmations. Does this work really help in depth? Or do you have to remember these affirmations every day and deal with them in your brain?

Now there is the solution for you to finally be free!

3 months ago I gave birth to my core competency with the help of my teacher Agni.
Core competencies are very individual, very powerful talents, abilities, qualities.
It often takes a lifetime to find your own core competency. So I decided to go this way with my teacher.
It is a great grace for me to have taken this step and to become visible to myself and others in this core competence.

The name of my core competence is „brain melting“.

Dear Kalu! Thank you for the multiple treatment with your Core Competence! Especially in combination with your Osteopathy, the energy has penetrated to a depth and also opened healing doors in the body! This current of the love and healing is a perfect change of body feeling! I feel a clear flow in the entire musculoskeletal system that has not existed for a long time! Thank you for this feeling and experience of expansion, space and mobility inside as well as outside!

MaRa Eickermann

Yes, I admit that it doesn’t sound that attractive and even scares some.
Our heads are sacred to us and we often think, what we think is the truth and even confuse ourselves with our thinking.

No worries!

I provide you with this energy, which melts away old thought patterns, introjects from parents and society, and also what you think about yourself, so that your thinking becomes clear and pure again, just as you actually created it is in the divine will.

These strange structures have laid over your brain and your chakras. Yes, organs, too, and all other body structures are affected.
Each of your chakras is freed from these old structures with the brainmelting energy, so that it is effortless for you to hold a 360-degree expansion and to fill them with your BEING and your LOVE.

Through Kalu’s core competence I arrived more onto the Earth. Most impressive was for me when she used her brain melting on my spine. Suddenly I felt a vibration rising up through my spine and in that moment it felt, as if my back gets stretched and I was moved in a different position. My upper body was more upright. This was a sensational feeling for me. Kalu use her brain melting in each Chakra an in 2 of my organs. This treatments happened on 3 different days. I can truly say, that it was a blessing for me. Since this time I have nearly non unwanted thoughts, I feel more grounded and I feel more nourished.

I can highly recommend the brain melting to you. I still use it every day shortly to work through my whole system

Sharam Tiemann

Now there is the solution for you to be free for your divine life path!
Are you ready to invest in yourself and your life path?

You are welcome!

“Hinschmelze“, core competence of Kalu Schreiber, my feedback after 10 days:
After initially persisting thought patterns, I can now say that these have also cleared a space through deletion, which is now much easier to flow with myself and everything that I want to draw into my life without „thoughts – brakes“ , During the treatment, I saw a white desert of light in my being merge with me, like a reset and reboot, this reset and reboot accompanies me daily as I invite it, the more and more energy flows through my entire energy system. ? Very ingenious, dear Kalu, thank you, I can only recommend it. I do not consume one after the other, but let it work, which is helpful to me. Thus, I can perceive it more differentiated. Ending the thought loops with the technique of Agni last week, has a similar effect, but you would have to repeat several times each loop. „Brainmelt“ works independently, subtly and continuously according to my experience. The space for the next steps breaking through becomes much freer
Thank you dear Kalu ❤️, make happy many more people around the world.
Love, Crey

Crey Deutschmann

My offers for you!

In these very intense times, which affect all of us and make many people afraid, I will leave my offer on until further notice and give you even more options to choose from!

Receive my other work, such as energetic osteopathy, release of old emotions, release traumachains, release incarnation paths, I also offer you ONLINE – 200€ each.



Brainmelting for head/brain and all chakras in one session

This work is also possible online!



Brainmelting for head/brain and forehead chakra in one session

This work is also possible online!



Each chakra with Brainmelting individually in a single work (price per chakra)

This work is also possible online!



If you register by March 31, 2020 for 1200€

Brainmelting for your head and the 7 main chakras. And what may show up physically, with individual advice and support, so that you can continue to use this energy for yourself.

This work is also possible online!



Booked until March 31, 2020: 3500€

An individual coaching over 3 months with the energy brain melting, in all systems that show up. Advice/Support on the questions that emerge in this work and are essential for your further steps. Possibly also treatment with energetic osteopathy and dissolving old ways of incarnation and trauma chains.

We meet online twice a month – and if you want 1 live in Berlin or Taiwan. I will be available for you via whats app/messenger during this time.



Registration until March 31st costs 1200€

Seminar: Freedom, clarity and healing with Kalu

2 days seminar with individual work for your chakras and your brain with brainmelting individual advice/support and special exercises for at home.

Please contact me for a free first talk, when you are ready to really invest in yourself!

What clients say

With her Core Competence „Brain Melting“ Kalu helped me to loosen the identification with my thoughts completely. You don’t have to believe everything you think – thinking from unity, thinking from love.

Farsh Nardon

Dear Kalu, I’m so thankful that I was allowed to receive your brain melt. Since then I totally live in the moment – what a gift! I feel so big and powerful and yet I am totally feeling and tender. I enjoy my NOW in my new expansion and draw infinite strength from it. Currently, pure energy and a sense of time for retreat alternate and I appreciate both. I want to thank you.

Sandra Vedder

Dear Kalu, I’m so thankful that I was allowed to receive your brain melt. Since then I totally live in the moment – what a gift! I feel so big and powerful and yet I am totally feeling and tender. I enjoy my NOW in my new expansion and draw infinite strength from it. Currently, pure energy and a sense of time for retreat alternate and I appreciate both. I want to thank you. This weekend i had a chance of great deep experience and healing session with Kalu Schreiber which is her Core Competence „Brain Melting“. It was so powerful and tense experience for me in a short period of time but still allowes me to work on it.
Actually untill that time my brain still melting so that i only can write my feedback now. I would liket to write my experience of this amazing before all my brain melt? During this session i felt it physically releasing in all my body and chakras.
It started like a massaging in my brain and later on continue with clearence. Its soo deep touch that i felt it in all levels of my perception and becaware about how i created my reality by my thoughts. That awareness help me to get the point which way of my creation doesnt fits my whole system and watched its dissolving by just letting without any effort. Its working on my body and made me concantrate on my every step and actions which reflects to my own reality physically and in a soul level. Its great experience and helpful for me as a creative worker and dreamer. I experienced in that work, its going back of my thoughts and fix how i create them and separates from my automatic thinking habits and replace with awareness.
I Also physically felt so light as if i m not standing on my feet. But clearence and selfconfidence made me feel grounded at the same time. It worked all day on me snd felt changes of my body snd felt calm and peacefull. Its working on chakras at the sane time my ability to connect my chakras increased without distortion. It fixes the way you think not your desicion making mechanism. It goes behind it and you cant fallow whsts happening. It happens and you undestood the result in your actions. Until thst time to now i m enjoying to discover my change. This work is not serve to „how?“ Thank you Kalu Shreiber for your great healing and offer me this amazing help in that period of my time. I extreamly reccomend this session for physical body and deeply changes of your system.

Roko N. Babatasi

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